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Russian Mosaica Heritage Festival
Русская Мозаика
LATEST Mosaica HAPPENNINGS: First mural in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia Welcome Back to the Russian Mosaica Heritage Festival, 2012 edition! We took a break last year, regrouped and asked you at the end of last year: how do you want to see the Festival? More than 100 people answered questions...
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(215) 396-9001, Marina Kats   [Office]
(609) 230-9804, Mikhail Zorich   [Office]
Annual Russian Philadelphia Festival "Matryoshka"
Ежегодный филадельфийский фестиваль "Матрёшка"
CELEBRATE COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY WITH US 2013 Annual Philly Russian Festival Matryoshka will take place on Sunday, September 22rd at Polanka Park in Bensalem from 12pm to 6pm. WHAT IS RUSSIAN MATRYOSHKA?  The biggest annual community cultural festival for the third‐largest ethnic population ...
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(267) 994-8843, Larisa Narita, for sponsorship opportunities   [Office]
Annual Mitzvah Festival
Ежегодный фестиваль "Митцва"
"Mitzvah" is an annual Russian-speaking Jewish Philadelphia's festival. Come celebrate Jewish New Year with the rest of our community!!! The festival usually features special concert, food and special activities for children!!! Click our Events tab to view upcoming and past festival i...
Categories: Фестивали

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